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Alumni Band Information:

Alumni Band Registration Form


  • Sept. 7th Rehearsal at WPHS Sports Complex with gathering and tour of the high school

  • Sept. 8th Halftime Performance at Wheeling Island Stadium and gathering after game at a local establishment


  • To participate you will need to fill out the registration form so we will have your contact information

  • Once registered, we will email link to files for Halftime Music and Short Stand Tunes/Cheers

  • IMPORTANT: We will need to know if you have an instrument to play for the rehearsals and performance. If you do not have an instrument, some possible places to look could be:

    • Family members and friends

    • Local schools in your area

    • Rentals from music stores

  • We will do our best to work with you and try to locate an instrument for you to play. The earlier we know about instrument issues the better.

  • Fee: There will be a $25 fee to participate. That fee will cover the cost of the performance t-shirt as well as the cost of the gatherings after the rehearsal and the game.

  • The Alumni Band will be conducted by Patrick Garrett.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Band Remind

We are no longer utilizing Remind we have switched to the BAND app. Your student will receive information again at Band Camp.

Marching Band

Band Camp dates, marching band rehearsals, and football games are listed on the calendar below.

Please be sure to obtain a physical / fill out physical form, fill out the medical form, and complete the uniform form.


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