About Us

Wheeling Park High School provides for the community one of the best returns on its investment. Student achievement is exemplified by preparation for the world of work and post-secondary schooling.

Wheeling Park High School, which received recognition as a National School of Excellence in 1983-84, recently graduated a class of 405 students who are attending post-secondary schooling at an eighty-three percent rate, have received over $3 million in scholarships, and fielded the sixteenth Computer Technology Championship. Test scores on nationally normed exams exceed both state and national levels at every grade. The numerous awards and recognitions that our students and staff have received are a product of highly competent, dedicated professionals and service personnel who have made a commitment to our mission to develop young people to their maximum potential in social responsibility, employability in the work place, and lifelong learning.

Wheeling Park High School has been developed around a comprehensive plan which combines the academic and the technical programs. Because we believe that the student should be provided with broad educational opportunities, this comprehensive plan allows them to participate easily in both programs by facilitating the inter-relationship between academic and technical programs.

The technical program provides the community with graduates who can successfully fill the job market with entry-level work skills in such areas as restaurant management, business, computer technology, medical assistance, automotive mechanics and body repair, building construction, graphic and commercial arts, and electronics.

A strong academic program provides special courses for the college-oriented student as well as for the student who plans to work after graduation. Because of our varied program, we can offer extensive academic development in the sciences, mathematics, social sciences, English, and foreign languages.

In addition, special individualized programs are offered to students with disabilities and exceptional students who have academic and/or social deficiencies. However, these special-needs students who function on or near the academic levels of their peers are afforded the opportunity to participate in various regular school environments.

Supportive and related services such as speech therapy, audiology, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, a resource program, and counseling supplement both regular and special instruction. Special individualized programs are also offered to students who are identified as gifted and/or talented. These students are offered an enrichment program to further their special interests and abilities.

At Wheeling Park High School learning takes place not only in the classroom but in the community as well. The interaction among Wheeling Park High School teachers and students within a holistic curriculum creates a school environment which attracts, motivates, and satisfies students in our changing, global society.

Wheeling Park High School was formed as the result of consolidating Wheeling, Warwood, and Triadelphia High Schools. Ground breaking took place in 1974 with construction being completed in1976. Wheeling, West Virginia, is located in the Northern Panhandle of the state along the Ohio River in a metropolitan area of approximately 150,000 people. The school currently has an enrollment of approximately 2000 students. The Wheeling metropolitan area indexes well above the national average in its number of middle aged, above average income white-collar workers, as well as average income blue-collar workers. Median household income is $21,183. Retail sales total over $1,103,197,000 per year. The top employers include health services, restaurants, general merchandise stores, grocery chains, bituminous coal products, membership organizations, automotive dealers, wholesale durable trade, and fabricated metal producers.

The high school building houses physical education (with a 25-meter pool and basketball gym), special education, technical education, and regular education. The building is 860 feet long and 550 feet wide for a total of 473,000 square feet. There are three floors of masonry block insulation with brick veneer. Included is a natatorium 90 feet by 115 feet. Two additional education wings added in 1984 on both ends of the building comprise 7750 square feet. There are four lighted tennis courts, and eight-lane track and adjoining baseball, softball, football and soccer fields which complete the entire 52 acre complex.